Rashon Butler, AKA LKEYS, is breathing fresh air into the rap game with his versatile and addicting new music.

Though LKEYS has been rapping since he can remember, he began to take himself seriously and hone his talents secretly when he was 14. Not being completely confident in his skill, he would write and rap only to his friends. Untill. LKEYS went to a bar-b-q and all his friends began bragging about how great of a rapper LKEYS is! His friends finally chorused LKEYS into performing for the crowd, and LKEYS fell in love with his ability to not only write and rap, but also his ability to perform.

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Everyone has a story, but mine is different.

How I chose to tell my story makes me different.



LKEYS has now become one of Denver’s hottest up and coming artists and has the shows under his belt to prove it. He has opened for National artists such as Plies, Trey Songs, YG, Nippsy Hussle and various others.

Having growing up with musical men in his life, LKEYS has decided it is now his turn to take over. With the release of his new single “Pusha Man” he hopes to give his audience his story, in his words, while providing different and relatable lyrics and sound. LKEYS wants to give his audience enjoyment with his music and take them through the journey of his life as LKEYS.

2017 has big things in store for LKEYS! He’s sure to take the rap game by storm when he releases his new music paired with the music video for his highly anticipated new single “Pusha Man.”

The ultimate goal for LKEYS is to show the world his passion for music and give the world great music to listen to and to remember him by.