“Gotta Get It” Music Video

Today, LKeys released his new music video for “Gotta Get It”, the second single from his newest project, The Preview EP, which was released on January 30th.  With PH and Keen Productions at the camera’s helm and LKeys heavily involved in directing, the video’s concept comes to life inside of a storage unit that’s been repurposed as a grow house.  “Gotta Get It” is a hustler’s anthem and the video is an ode to the hustlers getting it in the streets.

The simple upbeat piano refrain and synthesized percussion in the song calls back to simpler days of hip-hop when rappers didn’t ride the waves of over-production to compensate for lack of writing skill.


Click below to watch the “Gotta Get It” video and stream or download The Preview EP on iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, and Spotify!

Director of Photography: PH with Keen Productions

Produced by: Courtney Alston with Akilsbeats.

Directed by: PH, Lkeys and Watik Aleem

Edited by: PH